RIDE Pre-Mounted F104 Rear Slick Tire / R1 High Grip

Item Number: 26023


RIDE Pre-Mounted F104 Rear Slick Tire/R1 High Grip TITC 2013 Formula Class Contral Tire 26023

Rear F-1 rubber slick Tires 63mm + Silver Matte Wheel R-1 High Grip Compound with Sponge Inner Preglued for TAMIYA F-104 Set of 2 tires

* The R1 compound completes the existant F1 tire compound range for superior grip.This new compound is used in a new tire profile and structure to improve the rear global traction, even on low bite track.

* For the F104 chassis ONLY, the tires are also proposed in preglued pairs on Silver Mat wheels.

Ride just released the latest evolution of its Formula 1 tire. Unlike the successful H-1 (medium compound) and S-1 (Soft Compound) rubber formulas, the R-1 recipe is based on the now famous Touring Car compound known as the Re Series as used during the latest Euro Touring Series season. The R-1 rubber formula has been slightly adapted for F1 applications and the tire inner profile/belt design is entirely new. Long track test on both high and low bite conditions revealed stunning stability, amazing cornering ability in both tiny or open tracks and a great ease of driving. The R-1 tire is available as a pair for Front and Rear including inner sponge but also available as pre-glued pairs on Tamiya F104 type front and rear wheels.

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