The best way to order from ATD Hobbies is through our online catalog on atdhobbies.com. Our website features a completely secure shopping cart system to ensure that your personal information is used only by us while providing you with an easy to navigate site for your hobby needs. We strive to process orders in 24 hours or less from when they are place (on weekdays). ATD Hobbies is a Canadian based retail hobby store. All items in store and online are listed in Canadian dollars. If you are a non-Canadian purchaser, Visa, MasterCard or PayPal will provide you with the currency conversion once payment is complete. For a list of currency conversions you may refernce the RBC Foreign Exchange Currency Converter.

NOTE: We can NOT guarantee the accuracy of the item image pictures to be true to their description. ATD Hobbies is not responsible for items ordered that are not true and accurate to their images. We try our best, but not make this guarantee. 

Finding Products:

You can access products to add to your cart from several locations on our webstore. On the upper portion of each page is our department and categories section. Here you will find items pertaining to the specific type of vehicle. At the top of each page is a Quick Search box. By entering the product number (or item lookup code),description of what you are searching for or department / category; various items relating to your search will appear. Next to our quick search is a Brand Search box. By clicking on the brand you are seeking, you will be provided numerous items related to that particular brand. On the left side of the pages you will find additional features for narrowing your search further. Features such as kit completeness, brand, size, colour, etc; make searching futher more convenient. 

Shopping Cart:

The searches will generate a list of products that meet your inputted search criteria. The items will be provided in a tile or list format with quick description and image. From here you are able to add the item to your shopping cart. Further more by clicking on title of the item, you will be provided with a detailed description of the item. You are able once again to add the item to your cart. Once you have added an item to your cart, a message will be relayed in the bottom right hand corner. You can view items in your cart simply click on this message or by clicking on the top right Cart button. You will be given the option to view your cart items or go directly to check out. Viewing your shopping cart gives you the option to see all the items placed in your cart, along with their description, current pricing, item quantity being ordered and the item total. You are also given the option here to delete any unwanted items from your cart or updating the quantity. Simply click on the Checkout button to begin the checkout process.


Once you are statisfied with all the items you wish to purchase simply click on the Checkout button. The checkout process is very straight forward with as little as four steps that are clearly outline in each section. Be sure to fill in all the pertainent information as requested to allow for quick processing of your order. 


Ordering By Phone and Technical Assistance: 1-250-486-3657

If you would rather not order with us online, the next best method for placing orders with ATD Hobbies is by phone.

Phone orders are generally shipped within 24 hours (on weekdays) of when they are placed. Phone orders taken by noon are usually packaged and shipped the same day while orders taken after noon are generally shipped the following day.

Payment for phone orders may be made by Visa or Master Card.

Since we are fully computerized here at ATD Hobbies, we can take your order quickly and efficiently, and can usually tell you instantly if the products you are ordering are currently in stock. We can also keep accurate track of backorders should the item you desire currently be out of stock.

When placing an order for the first time you will be asked to give your name, mailing address including postal code, your telephone number, desired method of payment (along with credit card number if applicable), and desired method of shipment. For subsequent orders, your name will generally be sufficient unless other information has changed.

When reading your order over the phone, please give the part number first and then quantity.


Once you have set up an account with us and your information is already on file in our system, you can place orders by e-mail if you so wish. When ordering by e-mail, please be sure to include all of the information as described below. Also, please include a return e-mail address, so we can acknowledge receipt of your order.

When placing an order by e-mail, please be sure to include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your full mailing address, including postal code
  • Your home (evening) telephone number
  • Your work (day) telephone number
  • Your desired method of shipping
  • Your desired method of payment

DO NOT send credit card information via e-mail. E-mail is not encrypted or secure and therefore is not recommended for transmitting credit card information. You will be contacted via phone for credit card payment.

Include the following product information on each item you wish to order:

  • The quantity of the item you wish to order
  • The manufacturer part number of the item
  • A brief description of the item
  • If you wish to have the item backordered if it is currently out of stock

If all of these pieces of information are not included, we may be unable to fill your order or unable to contact you if we have questions with regard to your order.

Cancelling Order:

We strive to process orders in 24 hours or less and strongly recommend contacting us as soon as possible to cancel or change your order. Should you wish to cancel or change your order which was placed either online, by phone or email, please call customer service at 1-250-486-3657 as soon as possible.

Pre-Order Products:

What is a pre-order?

A “pre-order” is a newly announced product that has not been made commercially available yet. When a customer places a “pre-order,” he/she is reserving the item for when it becomes in stock and shippable at a later date; when available, an ETA (estimated time of arrival) date will display near the Pre Order icon on the product page. All pre-orders must be pre-paid in full to reserve the product. 

Pre-order priority 

Pre-orders are saved in a "first come, first served" fashion within the ATD Hobbies ordering system. 

ATD Hobbies always attempts to secure enough products to fulfill 100% of customer pre-orders. All pre-order customers will be notified via email when the product is being shipped to your address. 

Who can place pre-orders? 

All customers are eligible to place pre-orders. 

Do pre-orders require to be paid? 

At this time, all ATD Hobbies pre-orders require to be paid in full.  

Free Notifications 

If you do not wish to pre-pay for pre-orders or back orders, you can request a “stock notification” simply by emailing atdhobby@telus.net with reference to your order number. An email will be sent to you as soon as open stock of the product becomes available.  

How to place a pre-order

Any item showing the pre-order button next to it means that item is on order but has yet to be released. You may order any pre-order items by placing those items in your shopping cart and going through the normal checkout process. You will be required to pay for the pre-order items you wish to order. 

How will I know when pre-orders are shipped? 

ATD Hobbies will notify you via email as soon as your pre-order items are ready to be shipped to your address. The email will also include tracking information and an estimated time of arrival. 

ATD Hobbies will notify you via email as soon as your pre-order items are ready to be shipped to your address. The email will also include tracking information and an estimated time of arrival.