Best Price Guarantee

ATD Hobbies Price Guarantee is a simple one. If you find a qualifying product elsewhere in Canada advertised at a lower price by any retailer*, we will not only match it but beat it! All we require is proof of product pricing… a website, flyer, etc; you bring it in and we’ll beat it!

ATD Hobbies best price guarantee will only apply to in-stock items that another Canadian retailer* is able and willing to sell for the price advertised.

The price guarantee does not apply to competitors advertising that is known to be "outdated pricing", "clearance", "close-outs", "bankruptcies", or non-stocked items. The price guarantee also does not apply to prices advertised in on-line marketplaces such as Amazon, auction sites such as eBay, or 'basement' operations. A retailer is considered a brick and mortar business with a store front which can be verified*. We do not match typographical errors in competitors' ads or websites nor will we match pricing when we know the information to be in error or outdated.

ATD Hobbies will also match percentage discounts that are current, nationally advertised and can be verified.

ATD Hobbies will endeavour to keep our everyday advertised pricing as competitive as possible and prices are subject to change in relation to pricing from the manufacturer/supplier as well as current currency exchange conditions and federal taxation policies.

ATD Hobbies will not be liable for changes in price, availability, or description of products. All prices, availability, and specifications are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit quantities sold to an individual customer. Prices do not include applicable taxes. We reserve the right to modify the terms of our price guarantee from time to time. This guarantee is not retroactive from Dec 1, 2016.


We respect our customer’s right to privacy. The information we collect from you is used only for processing your order or providing you with our promotional literature. We do not share any personal information that you give us with any outside individuals or companies.

We endeavour to use the most secure technology available with regard to processing your on-line order to ensure the privacy of your information.

Item Description & Images

ATD Hobbies strives to provide you with the mmost up to date information of individual items, descriptions and their corresponding images. However, we can NOT guarantee the accuracy of each item listed on our webstore. The image &/or description may not be accurate. We suggest checking with the manufacture website or to call our office to be 100% sure of the item information. 


Defective Merchandise & Missing Parts:

The original manufacturer of the item in question, not ATD Hobbies, is responsible for all manufacturing defects and liabilities in their product. Please refer to the manufacturers website for full details of their warranty policy. A list of manufacturer warranty policies can be found here


Your satisfaction is our prority. We will assit our customers to the best of our ability with their warranty process. If you are having difficulties with your warranty process please email us with the details of your problem, photos and your purchase date, and we will be happy to ASSIST you (this is a service and should not be treated as an expecation). We will endavour to work with the manufacturer in finding the best possible solution to everyone's satisfaction. However we are not responsible for the shipping, duty & brokerage costs associated with replacement of a warrantied item. This is the responsibility of the customer &/or manufacturer.  


Subject to the following Terms and Conditions, you may return any regularly stocked product, within 14 days from date of invoice for a refund or credit to an alternate purchase.

Special Order, Discontinued and Clearance/Stock Reduction items cannot be returned. All sales on these products are FINAL.

All items being returned must be in new condition, remain unused and must be in the original packaging. Once an item has been used we will not accept a return for any reason including potential warranty concerns. Some items are subject to the special conditions, please see below.

Defective Merchandise & Missing Parts:

The original manufacturer, not ATD Hobbies, is responsible for all manufacturing defects and liabilities in their product.

Special Conditions:

Certain items can not be returned once opened for any reason. This includes the following items:

  • Motors / Engines
  • ESC
  • Batteries, Chargers
  • Glow Plugs, Ignitors
  • Fuel, Paints, Adhesives, Liquids
  • Radios, Receivers

Instructions for Returns:

If you want to return something, please do not mark on, or damage the product packaging in any way. Remember, the item must be in new, resalable condition. We protect all shipments with additional packaging when shipping to you, we ask for the same courtesy in return. Items received by ATD Hobbies without return authorization, or that have been used, or have damaged/marked packaging may not be credited with a full refund.

Please contact our customer service department at 1-250-486-3657 to obtain a Return Authorization Form before sending the return back.

Do not, under any circumstances, return an item, for any reason, without getting prior authorization!

When returning an item, include a completed Return Authorization form along with all requested supporting documents for the return; as the person processing your package will not necessarily be the same person you speak to on the phone. Don’t forget to include your full name and address so we know who sent the return.

If, by error, we have sent you a product which was not what you had ordered, we will be happy to replace the item for you. Call our customer service department for authorization and return instructions. Again, the item being returned must be in new, unused condition, in the original packaging. Do not use a product if it is not what you had ordered unless you intend to keep the product anyway. We will not accept used merchandise for return and we will not accept packages sent to us COD.

ATD Hobbies is not responsible for the cost incurred to return items due to manufacturer defect, damage, incorrect ordering, over-ordering and duplicate orders. If an item has been wrongly shipped to you by ATD Hobbies, a call tag will be issued for the return of the item. ATD Hobbies is not responsible for items lost or stolen once they are in possession of the shipping company including items that have been mis-delivered. 

Special Order

Special order items are NON-RETURNABLE & NON-REFUNDABLE.

What products are considered as special order item?

Any product that has a stock availability status as (SO) OR any product that is not normally stocked but is available through our normal ordering channels is considered to be a special order item. Contact us for availability.

Limit of Liability

ATD Hobbies accepts no responsibility for crash damage, liability, and/or loss of kits, radios, engines, accessories, etc. incurred during operation of a radio controlled model. In most cases, it is very difficult if not impossible to determine whether crash damage was actually due to equipment failure or operator error.

ATD Hobbies maintains no responsibility for inadvertent errors in its catalog, its sales flyers, on its website, or any other forms of advertising. All prices, availability, and specifications are subject to change without notice.